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Gumboots: an essential part of PPE

PPE and the Coronavirus

Access to Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, has become one of the most important factors in the global battle against the coronavirus. Things like face-masks, gloves, and face visors can provide vital protection against the virus for medical personnel on the frontlines. But one aspect of PPE that is often left out of the discussion is foot protection, and in particular – gumboots. 

The Benefits of Gumboots

Protective gumboots and footwear may be easily forgotten about when discussing PPE, but their usefulness cannot be understated. Gumboots provide superior safety when compared to other protective footwear. This is because they are easily washable on a daily basis, unlike normal shoes. 

Studies have shown that the virus can remain on plastic surfaces and stainless steel for up to three days, and on other surfaces like cardboard for up to 25 hours (source). Additionally, research shows that health care workers are at particular risk of tracking the virus on their shoes. According to a study conducted in a hospital in China, half of the medical personnel surveyed were found to have the coronavirus detected on their shoes (source). 

Cleaning your Gumboots

For this reason, it’s important to clean your boots daily. Gumboots, and in particular anti-bacterial gumboots, are essential in this time as they contain additives to fight against bacteria. In addition, their smooth surfaces make them easier to clean than regular shoes. They can also dry within minutes after being fully washed inside and outside. This means that you can wash and disinfect them daily.

Hygiene and Safety

In times like these, hygiene and cleanliness are key to keeping ourselves healthy and safe. Our PVC anti-bacterial gumboots are easy to clean and sanitise, offering hygienic footwear protection to those working in the health care sector. We are open and operational during this time, ensuring that essential workers have the protective equipment they need to stay as safe as possible. 

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