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3M Inorganic/Organic Acid Gas/Vapour Cartridge ABEK1

Gas and Vapour Cartridge 6059 protects against organic vapours. Suitable for 3M™ 6000 and 3M™ 7000 Series Half and Full Face Masks. Sold: Per pair or 8 per box

3M Inorganic/Organic Acid Gas/Vapour Cartridge ABE1

Gas and Vapour Cartridge 6057 protects against organic vapours. Sold: Per pair or 8 per box

3M 6800 Reusable Full Face Mask

This face piece can be used with 6000 series cartridges, filters, adapters and retainers. Can also be used as a dual airline supplied air respirator system.

3M Head Harness Assembly Kit

3M Reusable Respirators are designed to be reused many times and a range of spare parts is available to help keep your respirators in good working order. Replacement head harness assemblies are available for 3M Reusable Respirators and can be fitted by a trained user or a service centre, if the original head harness becomes lost or damaged.

3M Reusable Full Face Mask, Medium, 6800

3M Reusable Full Face Masks 6000 Series have a large polycarbonate lens and soft, elastomeric facepiece. The 3M Bayonet Connection System enables you to connect to a broad range of 3M twin lightweight filters. The 6000 Series is lightweight and features a 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve and four-strap suspension.