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Uvex Profastrong NF33 Chemical Protection Glove

Thanks to its good resistance, the popular uvex profastrong NF33 chemical protection glove really shines when it comes to handling harmful oils, grease and liquids.

Uvex Profapren CF33 Chemical Protection Glove

The chloroprene chemical protection glove with flocked cotton liner protects wearers against many mechanical and chemical risks. It is perfectly suited to precision work in the chemical industry, but also for cleaning work, in the metal processing industry, for example.

Uvex Rubiflex S XG35B Chemical Protection Glove

The lightweight uvex rubiflex S XG chemical protection glove with innovative Xtra Grip coating. It combines protection and grip with outstanding comfort and flexibility. As well as being comfortable to wear, stockinette chemical protection gloves also offer good protection against a wide variety of chemical and mechanical hazards.

Uvex Unidur 6659 Foam cut Protection Glove

The uvex unidur 6659 foam are lightweight cut protection gloves (level 5/C) with NBR foam coating. Yet the glove offers a high level of sensitivity. It is perfectly suited to precision assembly work requiring tactility and cut protection.

Uvex C500 Foam Cut Protection Glove

The uvex C500 series sets standards regarding protection, comfort, flexibility, tactility and economy. This high-tech safety glove combines all of these qualities with the highest level of cut protection, level 5/C. The uvex C500 foam is especially suitable for dry or slightly damp working conditions.

Uvex Uniflex 7020 All-round Protective Glove

The uvex uniflex 7020 in cotton interlock is very versatile and particularly suitable for oily and wet working environments. The protective glove’s backing material ensures a comfortable fit and flexible movements. The nitrile rubber coating on the back of the glove also ensures good abrasion resistance under mechanical stress, for example during maintenance or machine work.

Uvex Compact NB27H Safety Glove

If things get a bit rougher or you have to handle coarse materials, that's where the uvex compact comes in. With its extremely robust NBR coating, it can easily take care of even the most challenging work.

Uvex Unigrip PL 6628 Protective Glove

The uvex unigrip PL and CL protective gloves in knitted polyester are ideally suited for use in damp and wet working environments. Thanks to the latex coating on the palms and fingertips, the protective gloves offer very good grip, both in dry and wet working conditions. The protective gloves also guarantee a good fit and flexibility thanks to the material composition. This makes the uvex unigrip PL and CL models particularly suitable for work in the construction industry, for example.