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Welders Yoke

A leather welder's yoke provides excellent protection against sparks and heat, especially during overhead welding, enhancing safety and durability in demanding conditions. Available in sizes S- 5XL.

Leather Spats Standard

Chrome leather spats are designed to protect the boot and leg area from heat and sparks derived from welding, cutting and grinding. One size fits all.

Yellow PVC Overshoe

PVC overshoes provide waterproof protection, durability, and ease of cleaning, making them ideal for various industrial and outdoor applications. One size fits all.

Yellow Reusable Sleeve Protector

This PVC sleeve protector provides effective waterproof and chemical-resistant coverage, ideal for protecting against spills and splashes in industrial settings. Available is size 42.

Nylon Reusable Sleeve Protector

A nylon sleeve protector provides lightweight protection and is ideal for maintaining hygiene in medical, food handling and cleanroom environments.